Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Mexican Diary

This forms my first blog( after a rather large absence) about my recent trip to South America and Mexico.  To say it was inspiring and fantastic would be underplaying the insights and experiences of this trip.  I thought I would start in Mexico as this was absolutely fascinating and a culinary minefield of ingredients, techniques and regional cuisine.  Our first stop was a very big fresh produce, butchery, cheese and street food style stands.

A candy Stand in Mexico Market

Endless choice of Pinyata's

The Mexican Dish Staples
The colours of mexico, as you will see from the pictures, is a metaphor for the colour and variety of ingredients in Mexican cuisine.  

Today I thought I would share my 2 favourite dishes we had in the market.  The first a Pork Confit Tortilla.

The big cauldron of hot oil is the cooking pot for the pork.  This particular cut was the pork leg.

The meat was so succulent and the tortilla slightly heated. All this together with the chilli salsa and crunchy greens it was truly magnificent.

The other dish that was really new and exciting was the courgette flour and Mozzarella style cheese on a toasted tortilla.  Such a simple ingredient that is used often in posh restaurants with elaborate stuffings was presented so rustically. The flavours were so fresh and simple and tortillas being made in front our you to eat a few minutes later was terribly exciting.
Confit Cauldron
Slicing of the meat

Green Tomato Salsa and Lime for toppings

Flour Tortilla

Pork Confit Tortilla with Chilli Salsa and Greens with Lime Juice