Monday, September 13, 2010

Street Food Excitement

In a few weeks I am off to New York to look at all things food. I am still trying to worm my way through the myriad of options to see and delis, bakeries, butchers and patisseries seem to never stop on a google search.  During my internet travel prep I stumbled on a website  New York has organized streetfood, streetfood turf wars and for some locations the vendors can pay top dollar to book their spot.  There are cupcakes by the dozen and I really liked the look of the dessert truck – imagine the sweet afternoon attack and being able to indulge in a gooey, silky crème brulee. 
All countries, cultures and cuisine are represented.  The Schnitz n Dinges wagon is run by a very animated new Yorker claiming to be originally from Belgium.   The schnitzels are not veal, you can order beef or chicken but they really do look yummy and just the business on a cold day after gym.   Incidentally there are many  “n Dinges” attached to the names of these food carts. 
Go to the site and watch the video of “The King of Falafel and Schwarma” .  He has a famous expression which he spits out after and order and it goes something like a cartoon way of  saying “oh baby….”.  I mean who wouldn’t love to hear that at lunch after a  dull corporate meeting discussing EBIDTA and ROI!
Asian seems to be the biggest and most popular category with Korean, thai and Japanese as firm favourites. 
There are even the “Vendy Awards” which are voted in by the streetfood consumers.  The winner this year went to “The country Boys” which serve what looks like really authentic Mexican tortillas.  The Tortillas are made by themselves and delicious chicken, beef, salsa, chillies and Guac on slapped on and oh my word a cold beer with that and you are in Mexico!  Mmmm – defiantly an after work experience or lose the beer and cheer up the day with one of these and bounce back to your desk.
There are so many options and you will see the endless list on which to click, but what I love about all of these is that they are passionate about the quality of their food and the originality and provenance of what they offer up to the lunch and dinner customers.  The feedback they get is often immediate and because of the stiff competition on the street they have to respond quickly. Their customer is the king and although in a typically brash New York street way they are polite, appreciative of the business they are being granted and they rely on each one of the customers to be tomorrows customers again.
I am looking forward to walking the streets and eating my way through some of the best streetfood on offer.  I promise to post pics and a full review on my return.