Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mozambique Local Fare

On a recent holiday to Mozambique I discovered some interesting fruit and vegetables that the locals forage in and around their rural villages. I have been to Mozambique a few times and always love the freshly roasted cashews you can buy on the side of the road and the abundant seafood and fish available from the spear fisherman that one comes across on the beach.  I love snacking on the fresh coconuts and they are just sweeter and juicier than store bought coconuts. the Pineapples are the best ever.  Sweet, not sour and acidic and really big and light in colour.  There is so much food available on the side of the road markets, one hardly needs to go shopping or bring food with on holiday.

The locals call this Lemon Fish

Delicious Crayfish out the sea an hour ago

 There were 2 fruits I had never seen.  The first a bright red fruit made up of 4 "segments".  The locals told me they soak in warm water for 2 or 3 minutes, mix it with pineapple juice and a bit of sugar.  I had it just soaked in warm water and one sucks off the red part and you are left with a pip that looks like an almond.  Apparently this is a big seasonal treat from November to March.  This fruit is also sent to Maputo where they make soap and also extract an oil.  The name they gave me was "Mafura" but i can't find the scientific name.
Wonderful fresh Pineapples
Unamed vegetable but it looks like a wild marrow
 Lastly a vegetable i am still finding the name of above 
Local Fare
The other fruit was a small plum like fruit which is delicious and quite sweet but drains the saliva in your mouth.  The name of this I was told is Jambalaya.