Monday, May 9, 2011

Some dishes worth mentioning

Pork Belly & Prawn Starter at Bizerca

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad Starter at Bizerca
I often get Restaurant fatigued and am delighted when I feel that a dish was utterly beautiful to look at or tasted absolutely fantastic.  It is often the simplest of dishes.  This past weekend our Dinner Club went to Bizerca in Long Street , Cape Town.  I have not been for sometime but have always enjoyed my meal.  My starter was delicious and although composed of quite posh ingredients was quite honest, well cooked and simple in its delivery.  I had the pork belly and prawn starter with an asian style sauce and someone else had the tomato and Mozzarella salad which was so beautifully presented.  Not easy to find different colour tomatoes in South Africa but in this case, the purple, red and green colours with torn buffalo mozzarella and a pest sauce was so fresh and a lovely light starter.  this could easily be made at home.  Perhaps and idea for a Woolies salad that doesnt have pasta in it as do all the others.

Over the easter weekend we went to lunch at The Roundhouse - also one of my favourite venues.  Their summer outside menu of tapas and light lunches is great and their is no compromise in quality of ingredients and slow cooking is celebrated.  Sadly, you will have to wait for next summer to go as the lunch from now is indoors and more fine dining.  The dishes well worth waiting for next summer or worth perhaps trying at home are complete comfort food.  The bone marrow with an oxtail marmalade and sea salt is too die for.  I forgot to take the photo when it arrived and by the time I had realised we had gobbled it all up. Marrow is very good for you. Follow this link to learn more about Marrow: burger was also great quality and cooked medium rare to perfection.
Round House Burger

Round House Marrow Bones