Monday, May 21, 2012

New Latin American Restaurant in Cape Town

The Queen of the Kitchen

A breakfast menu I am dying to try
The homely atmosphere
This weekend I discovered a place for me to go to satisfy my need for everything Latin American.  ORINOCO has opened at 17 Bree Street and it has all the atmosphere and warmth of the people of Latin America.  The owner, Migdalia is from Venezuela and she has created a culinary destination with personality and true passion.  You can select from a range of tapas already made or order fantastic tacos and other specialities.  The cocktail menu boasts authentic caiparinhas, Pisco Sours and more made traditional not a South African version of the classic drinks.

The tapas were interesting and delicious and the chili sauce fantastic.  You can also buy some of her sauces to take home so that in between visits you can keep your cravings at bay.  I spent the evening with ladies from Chile, Argentina and Venezuela and they were as delighted with the food on offer as I was and so I am sure the authenticity is going to be appreciated by Capetonians.  Check the opening hours as it they are opening only on some nights until the words spreads and then I am sure they will be open every night.

Ready to grab Tapas

Orinoco's signature Sauces and Salsas

Some essential ingredients to create your own feast at home

Empanadas topped with Guacamole

a very fine Caiparinha