Thursday, December 22, 2011

NOBU - a must go experience

 I have never been to Nobu and was apprehensive due to the cost of an evening and past experiences at  The One & Only. Perhaps, no definitely an unfair preconception. It was such an exciting evening of food and a great change from the world of western fine food!

We started with tempura and can recommend the shiitake and scallop tempura. This was followed by crispy fried rice which is blocks of sushi rice formed into perfect blocks and deep fried.  This came with a raw minced tuna tartare.  This was sublime and the flavours of the tartare were so balanced it was almost impossible to single out the ingredients.  It did have cods roe as one of the ingredients which added a sensual pop in the mouth.  This was one of the house specialties and if u have a chance you really need to taste this!

The next few dishes of seafood hot pot - flamed in sake with Enoki, Shitake and Porcini mushrooms was meaty and rich yet very fishy.  this went well with our French red wine.

The almost seared beef with onion ponzu was the most melt in your mouth meat I have had - EVER!

The sun rolls( chefs choice of 3 sashimi) was so perfectly rolled that the rice was about 3 mm thick and the fish was the hero of the roll.

Cost: R850 for two of us. We had one glass of superb Spiced Route Viognier from Fairview each and brought our own bottle of fine French red 2002. The 2004 on the menu was R1750. Corkage is R150!

Well worth an experience!!

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