Friday, May 22, 2009

Donut Dilemma

There are days, especially when it is cold and rainy in Cape Town when I really feel like a Krispy Kreme donut. There are endless donuts available around town but none come close to the soft, melt in your mouth indulgence of the famous Krispy kreme. I have tried to understand how, with so many good donut benchmarks available to South African manufacturers that we cannot buy a good, and not "almost" stale donut in this country. Why is it that in the US they can get it right? I think it has something to do with the understanding of indulgence that Americans seem to have. it is that no compromise treat that seems to be respected and understoon. lets be honest, if you want a donut you are not going to look for a diet donut or a sugar free donut. You are looking to simply comfort your craving, get your sugar rush or dull that bad mood. It is interesting that Dunkin Donuts, who seem to be surviving the Credit Crunch better than Krispy Kreme have taken a new track and decided that they are going to stop pretending that the donut is healthy and market it for what it is. Check out this video about the success of the two brands and why perhaps Dunkin Donuts is more successful.

Go to and check out the video about Dunkin Donuts amazing competition they ran. I find this an interesting approach to product development when you are just stuck for what do to next. Perhaps Woolworths should ask their customers about what the next sandwich should be?

Back to donuts. I believe there is a huge opportunity and that South Africans could become a huge donut eating nation. We have to, however, get the product right in terms of taste, shelflife and deliciousness. Enough of the dreadful Pick n' Pay dough bombs!

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