Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is my first time blogging and have been wondering what to say. I suppose you will want to know what you can read about on this blog and what benefit you will get from visiting me everyweek.

I am part of the team responsible for driving innovation in the business I work for. We are South Africa's 3rd biggest food manufacturing company and produce some of SA's much loved products.

I am constantly looking for new ideas and trends that will drive our innovation and what i would like to do on this blog is talk about trends in food, retail food products that I discover and debate what we as consumers love to eat and need in our lives.

I am in bed sick today and am wishing that online shopping worked better in South Africa. I really don't feel like going to the shops today. Due to this lack of interest in shopping today, i am going to scrounge around and make a chicken soup. I believe, through folk lore chicken soup is a cure for the common cold. How I would love to have a fresh chicken stock in my cupboard, but other than expensive deli stock, no retailer stocks a fresh chicken or veg stock. Is it just me or is this not a fantastic product idea. If you have a good stock all you need is to throw some meat, veg and potatoes in a pot and make a hotpot, soup or stew. The stock, really is the base to delicious food, but it is such a mission to make oneself.

So that is me and once I am better I hope I can talk about some of the hot new food trends and how they will influence how we shop and eat.

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