Monday, November 1, 2010

The last word on NYC

Frozen Joghurt

Automated mini bun maker on the street

The greatest coffee

cupcakes and coffee
I felt it important to finish off on NYC as I had another 4 days in NYC since my last entry of eating and tasting and experiencing.  I think StreetFood is a trend worldwide.  These NYC style vans are appearing all over the world, with Delicious magazine featuring it in their last issue.  However, the food needs to compete with the trendy coffee shop and the hip sandwich bar.  In NYC the food out of the vans was fantastic.  There is almost anything available from a van and if you need any confirmation that great food on the go is hip and happening, all you need to do is stand and watch the queues at each of these vans.  Dim Sum to MeatBalls to Noodle Van Bars its all available on the street and it comes to you.  I will be watching the development of street food and I think it is important to note that street food is not only cultural food like Indian or Asian.  These days it can be anything!

Heavenly Flavours of Squash and Honey and Ricotta

I wanted to share one of the most exciting trends in NYC that I ate quite a bit of.  MEATBALLS.  The Meatball Shop is sublime, so delicious, so simple.  I am always impressed when the quality and flavour of something so simple can excite the palate and the  mind.  It is comfort food yes but I saw it all over the place.  One of the best dishes i had in New York was at abc kitchen with jean-georges. He prides himself on organic and describes his restaurant as: "passionately committed to offering the freshest organic & local ingredients possible".  I had 4 dishes at this amazingly decorated restaurant.  All the tables are from reclaimed wood, the dishes are handmade "wonky wear" style.  The wines are all organic and the menu changes as the season demands.  I had honey roasted Kombucha squash with Ricotta on Toast (this was not just any toast). I then tried their tuna sashimi and it was so good - just look how fresh it is.  Then i ordered the simplest dish but was so delicious: organic corn off the cob with flavoured butter and parmesano and herbs.  Lastly, the best meal in NYC that I ate on my 7 days there:  Bowtie Pasta, Kasha, Veal Meatballs and Sour Cream with fresh herbs.  On the plane back whilst reading Elle magazine, I was delighted to see that they thought this dish was the best too. Follow this link to see more of Jean-Georges restaurant:

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